Digital Marketing: How we recreated Nascar online

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Digital Marketing: How we recreated Nascar online

For Turner Sports, this online demo was an effective digital marketing tool.A few years ago, Turner Sports was faced with an interesting problem. Their Nascar TrackPass was an amazing online service. Any Nascar fan that tried it wanted to buy it. The problem: it only worked during actual races.

How do you sell a service that’s only available one percent of the time?

Our solution was to recreate the service so it could be demonstrated online—as a Nascar TrackPass web experience, launchable from

Effective Digital Marketing

Nascar TrackPass had a lot of outstanding features. It let you experience races digitally, live, in real time. Fans could click from one driver to another, watch the race from their choice of POV, change angles, replay action, listen to audio between drivers and pit crew, and much more. 

Trackpass01But none of these features were viewable between races, making a digital marketing solution necessary.

Integrated Web Videos

Our online demo used video reenactments of each feature, allowing fans to experience TrackPass using an interactive dashboard. By clicking on icons, you could watch a recreation of a race, change drivers, change angles, zoom in and out, and more. We also created web videos showing different aspects of the service, such as customer testimonials, an explanation of live scoring, and a detailed “How it Works” video.

Simulated Race Action

The main attraction of the site, however, was its race simulations. These video reenactments were designed to demonstrate the different features of the TrackPass service—something that normally only worked in real time, during an actual race. So this site, in essence, was the only way Nascar fans could experience TrackPass before actually buying it.

This online demo was created to enable racing fans to experience Nascar TrackPass.The flash-based website was live for several years, launchable from It was finally retired when technology improvements made it possible to view past races. With this new functionality, an online demo was no longer needed. Turner Sports was obviously pleased with the results—the site turned out to be an extremely effective digital marketing tool.


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