A hands-on approach to creating Employee Videos

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A hands-on approach to creating Employee Videos

Every marketer knows the value of making a splash at a sales meeting, or getting their sales force excited about a new product launch. But deep down, they also know people just don’t get excited by sales charts and PowerPoint presentations. They wish they could do something bigger. Something truly memorable. Something like an employee video.

Home town landmarks and scenery help the audience connectIt’s a simple idea: hire a video crew to capture the “life blood” of the company—the hard-working employees that operate the machines, pack the trucks and deliver the goods. It’s a sure-fire way to make an emotional connection and galvanize support.

The only problem, inevitably, is cost.

Affordable Production

An experienced production resource can help reduce costs. By working smart with a small crew, minimal equipment and an efficient production schedule, employee videos can be produced much more affordably.

For example, this employee video was created for Beaulieu of America. We developed the concept and script in collaboration with the marketing team, with minimal rewrites and wasted time.

An employee video can also capture where people liveThe shoot itself was also extremely efficient. Since nobody spoke on camera, there was no sound equipment to lug around. No cables or microphones or worries about ambient noise (the loud machinery at Beaulieu would have made audio recording difficult). We simply roamed their manufacturing facilities and captured whatever looked interesting—faces, forklifts, automation and more. And we captured their communities as well, with shots of their schools, their town squares and the surrounding countryside.

Employee Video

The result: we left North Georgia with all the footage we needed, confident we had captured the real Beaulieu. And it was footage we knew their employees would appreciate, showing where they work and where they live.

Then came the fun part—the edit. Using Final Cut, footage was quickly organized and distilled down to manageable snippets. Shots were assembled and arranged to achieve the right flow, and to tell the Beaulieu story with emotion and impact. And of course, voice-over and music helped a lot as well.

The end result was a video that really connected and helped Beaulieu’s management build excitement and teamwork. Just what an employee video is supposed to do.

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