Healthcare Marketing: Building better patient relationships

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Healthcare Marketing: Building better patient relationships

Pharmaceutical companies spend enormous amounts of money on research and development each year, because only a tiny percentage of their efforts ever pay off. Just one out of 10,000 discovered compounds actually becomes an approved drug for sale, and only three out of 20 approved drugs generate sufficient revenue to cover development costs.

At over 5 feet tall, this was some impactful healthcare marketing.According to Forbes, these development costs can be staggering—between $4 and $11 billion total, per drug. So when new drugs or devices are brought to market, you can imagine the pressure put on healthcare marketing departments—product launches have to be successful, or else.

The Stakes Are High

Fortunately, they have help—McKesson, the oldest and most successful healthcare marketing company in the country. McKesson Patient Relationship Services, or MPRS, works with healthcare marketing professionals and their agencies to help introduce new products. They use outbound calling, targeted email and other techniques to drive education and engage patients. But their specialty—something only MPRS offers—is behavioral coaching. They build relationships with patients to ensure success.

Follow-up email used the same customer service rep as a visual.MPRS customer service reps are highly trained to drive conversations and overcome barriers to trial.

There’s just one problem: most healthcare marketing people have never heard of MPRS.

Building Awareness

To increase awareness of MPRS healthcare marketing services, we created a targeted advertising campaign. First, a microsite was developed to introduce MPRS, explain their methodology and tout their past healthcare marketing success.

Then to drive traffic to the site, we created a high impact direct mail piece—a cardboard package that unfolded into a 5′ 3″ tall stand-up cutout of an MPRS customer service rep, with the headline “We can play a big role in your healthcare marketing.”

Big impact, Big Results

We believed a display this large would grab attention in most marketing departments. This was followed up by additional direct mail, and a targeted email campaign.

Pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers have so much at stake when introducing new products. But at least now more of them know that McKesson Patient Relationship Services is there to help.

McKesson is the oldest and largest healthcare company in the U.S.
McKesson is the oldest and largest healthcare company in the U.S.
McKesson is the oldest and largest healthcare company in the U.S.
McKesson is the oldest and largest healthcare company in the U.S.
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