Web Video: What does Intel know that you don’t?

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Web Video: What does Intel know that you don’t?

A few years ago, Intel needed a web video to help introduce their second generation core processors. I was hired by their agency—Liquid Agency in San Jose, CA—to submit script ideas. I sent them some concepts and thought that was the end of it.

The finished video was posted to YouTube

In the web video, Dave freezes up like a computer.

Then about a week later, Liquid Agency called back. They were wondering if I could produce one of my scripts here in Atlanta. Why? Because they had a lot of other projects to deal with. And shooting it in Atlanta was probably cheaper anyway.

 Production Savings

The thing is, they were right. Being a right-to-work state, Georgia offers several attractive production incentives, including non-union crews, a large pool of local acting talent and affordable production facilities—all of which played a part in bringing Intel to Atlanta.

The winning idea was called “Dave,” the story of a guy who has a lot in common with his computer—he doesn’t run as fast as he used to, experiences memory problems, etc. To shoot this particular web video, I worked with several Atlanta production resources, including PeopleStore to handle the casting, Mark Simon at Fizz City Films to exec produce, and Tim Vece at Outback Editorial to work on the edit.

The finished web video was posted to YouTube

Dave’s co-workers describe working with him.

Web Video Production

For the office locations, we chose Ivan Allen Workspace, an office furniture showroom—they had cubicles and a conference room already set up.

The day of the shoot was a blur. David Blackburn (the D.P) and his crew set up shots quickly and efficiently. There were a LOT of setups to get through in a day, but we managed to cover the script as well as several improvisations from the actors. I think I got better performances that way.

The finished web video was well received back in San Jose—the agency made a few minor tweaks and the clients approved everything with no changes.

If only every web video production could go this smoothly.


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