Content Puppy: A new resource for Atlanta content marketers

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Content Puppy: A new resource for Atlanta content marketers

Over the past few years, while most brand marketers and advertising agencies have continued cranking out TV and radio commercials, print advertising and other paid media, a revolution has been going on. Thousands of companies have begun shifting their spending to less traditional approaches. According to HubSpot, the average budget spent on company blogs and social media has tripled in the last three years.

With more viewers fast forwarding past commercials and avoiding online banners, smart marketers have been finding new and interesting ways to connect with customers.

The most popular method: Content Marketing.

LikeADog_emailWhat is Content Marketing?

In Content Marketing, companies produce content their customers will find interesting and engaging. It can take many forms—online videos, forums, how-to articles, webinars, blog posts or all of the above. Whatever form it takes, content is posted online and marketed through social media.

The result: companies connect with customers, attract new audiences and build web traffic.

Good content doesn’t just get clicked and watched, it gets liked, retweeted and shared with friends.

Help for Atlanta Content Marketers

While most companies create the content they need themselves, it’s quickly becoming a problem for many marketers. According to Curata, 76 percent of companies plan on increasing content marketing next year. That means more blog posts, more videos, more of everything. And as content marketing becomes more prevalent, the quality will need to increase—

JustWhistle_emailWhere is this additional content going to come from?

Introducing a New Resource: Content Puppy

One possible solution is a new content creation company I’ve recently started, right here in Atlanta, called Content Puppy (

Through Content Puppy, I’ll be available to work with marketers on a project basis, and create whatever types of content they need, whether it’s writing blogs, designing infographics or shooting and editing YouTube videos.

If projects come up that I’m too busy to do, I’ll help marketers find other resources. That’s the beauty of a long career in marketing—I have a lot of contacts. If for some reason I can’t find the writers, designers, videographers or editors needed for a project, I know people that know other people. I’m sure we’ll find a way to get things done.

So check out Content Puppy. It’s exactly what I think Atlanta content marketers need—access to a reliable resource that knows how to solve problems, meet deadlines and engage customers.