Most financial institutions aren’t the kind of places where you’d want to hang out. They tend to be cold, corporate environments with no style or design. That’s what made Acru so different—it was a community bank and also a hub of the community.

The interior of Acru was inviting and comfy—a great differentiator for its bank advertising.When you walked through its doors, you found a large inviting space filled with comfy couches and natural wood accents. A barista asked if you’d like coffee. And on an average day, dozens of people were there, sipping their beverages or maybe reading a good book. And of course, there were also financial advisors on hand, kind of like a genius bar for banking.

Bank Advertising

With such a different kind of bank, we needed a different kind of bank advertising. We designed their website and collateral with photography of kids and flowers and open fields. Messaging was built around the balance of money and life.

Brand Video

To introduce the whole idea of Acru, we developed a web video featuring Acru’s articulate and personable CEO. It was shot while Acru was still in the planning stages, so the location and coffeehouse images all had to be faked.



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