Just one of the characters appearing in this BellSouth direct response TV spot.Direct Response TV, or DRTV, is different from most television advertising. It uses a longer format—in this case, 60 seconds—to deliver clear product benefits and promotional offers. It also has a lower media cost and tends to air at off-peak times.

Direct Response TV

DRTV focuses less on branding and more on selling, and always includes a strong call to action. In these commercials for BellSouth, the offers were for various telecom services.

Funny and Effective

While most Direct Response TV is boring and formulaic, these examples are just the opposite. Both commercials use humor to engage viewers—the first spot is about a mall santa trying to earn extra cash, and the second  is about a guy that breaks into his neighbor’s house for faster Internet service. Both commercials were shot by Jeff Gorman.




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