Explainer videos can be created in just about any format—live action, info-graphics and whiteboard animation, to name a few. The only prerequisite is that have to explain something.

In this example, we explain Content Marketing.

Content Marketing Explainer Video

In the past few years, Content Marketing has emerged as one of the most popular and pervasive marketing tactics. According to the Content Marketing Institute (yes, there is such a thing), it’s used by 86 percent of all B2C marketers, and 95 percent of B2B marketers.

It can take many forms—company blogs, newsletters, white papers, web videos and more. The basic idea is companies create content and post it on social media channels, where it can be liked, shared, retweeted, etc. This expands the audience, and in turn, helps the company find new customers.

This explainer video was created for an advertising agency blog post about content marketing. We wanted to explain how content marketing works and why it is so effective.

A simple visual concept

This led us to create a simple visual concept—illustrate the connection between website traffic and sales. More traffic leads to more customers and more sales.

The resulting video starts with chalkboard illustrations, then adds animation to effectively tell the story.

There were several interesting challenges to solve during the editing process, like how to make the gears turn, speed up and slow down, and how to make the conveyor belt gradually stop.

Sound effects also add a lot to the story. Dozens of effects were used, including chalkboard sounds, the sound of an airplane engine powering up and powering down, and the clack clack clack sound of an old sewing machine.


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