From web videos to white papers, many of my projects have revolved around content marketing and content creation. So many, in fact, that I’ve launched a separate website focused exclusively on content creation—Content Puppy (

I guess that makes me top dog.

Content Marketing Infographic

To help promote Content Puppy and start building web traffic, one of my first ideas was to design this content marketing infographic. I found hundreds of content marketing statistics online from various sources, including the Content Marketing Institute, Curata, and HubSpot.

An infographic approach enabled me to organize the information into a single design.

Infographic Design

Content Marketing is extremely popular these days. Companies are using social media and CRM to market their services online, and creating their own original content. According to the data, over half of marketers worry about content creation and finding the time to get the job done.

The solution to that problem—Content Puppy.


This content marketing infographic was designed to promote Content Puppy


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