Digital marketing for Nascar TrackPass.This online demo for Nascar TrackPass was developed for Turner Sports. At the time, TrackPass only worked in real time, during actual Nascar race events, so this online demo was the only way Nascar fans could “test drive” the service before actual purchase.

Amazing Technology

There’s some pretty amazing technology behind TrackPass, some of it based on military-grade hardware believe it or not. To make the service work, a sports technology company installed telemetry and GPS devices inside each driver’s car, then placed sensors at strategic points around each Nascar racetrack. So during races, each car’s exact position and location could be tracked individually, and turned into a computerized representation.

Digital marketing for nascarThe data was extremely accurate—you could watch a race on TV and on TrackPass at the same time, and the cars would be in the same positions.

Exciting Online Demo

To create the online demo, we edited short video clips for each TrackPass feature, like “choose your driver,” “change camera angles” and “zoom in and out,” then linked the videos to icons on the site. While it wasn’t as interactive as TrackPass, it did look amazingly similar. The online demo definitely gave race fans a sense of the TrackPass experience.



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