David Balding and his pet elephant, Flora.When David Balding was a kid, he wanted to run away and join the circus. Then years later, as an adult, he decided to start one. David bought an elephant named Flora and trained her to perform with acrobats. He formed Circus Flora soon after, debuting at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC.

Smaller is Better

Experiencing Circus Flora was very different from Ringling Brothers. You could see clowns, acrobats and jugglers perform from just a few feet away. One of the few one-ring circuses still in existence, Circus Flora was smaller and more intimate.

We used the circus's intimate setting to create an event marketing campaign.Performances were also more like a play—the acts were often woven together by a narrative, so they told a story.

Event Marketing

To promote Circus Flora, I came up with the theme line “No Other Circus Comes Close.” The idea was to accentuate the positive—Circus Flora’s intimate size and setting.

We put together an entire pro bono event marketing campaign, including TV, radio commercials and the posters seen here.

Thanks to Eric Revels for the great design work.


An example of event marketing.
An example of event marketing.
An example of event marketing.
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