The Glock "Amazing Stories" integrated advertising campaign featured popular ex-Marine R. Lee Ermey.

This integrated campaign used a spokesperson known as “Gunny”

By definition, integrated advertising campaigns need a big idea—some kind of overarching concept that works in print, on the web, on TV, and helps tie the different elements together, regardless of the media format.

Integrated Advertising Campaign

For example, the idea behind this integrated advertising campaign for Glock was “Amazing Stories.” It’s a series of real stories about Glock reliability, each one sent in by actual Glock users.

We had stories from homeowners interested in personal protection, policemen that rely on Glock for their day-to-day safety, and even military personnel. All the stories had one thing in common. They were all sent in by died-in-the-wool Glock fans and gun enthusiasts.

An Amazing Storyteller

There was one other big idea that tied this integrated advertising campaign together—a celebrity spokesperson. We used R. Lee Ermey, a well-known ex-Marine drill sergeant and character actor. He’s known as “Gunny” to his friends.

The campaign was written in Gunny’s voice, playing off his popular Marine drill sergeant persona. Campaign elements included print advertising, Facebook pages and short web videos. If the Facebook page comments are any indication, the campaign was a huge hit among hard-core Glock fans.


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