This digital banner was developed as part of the GS Battery brand advertising campaign.GS Battery, a subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation of Japan, is one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world. Their batteries are used in jet skis, snowmobiles, solar power arrays, light rail, FiOS systems and the International Space Station. They’re also involved in developing quick charge technology for electric vehicles.

Brand Advertising

GS Battery’s biggest problem is they’re virtually unknown in the United States. They’ve only recently acquired some subsidiaries here, focused on lithium ion batteries and solar power battery arrays.

If ever there was a candidate for brand advertising, this is it. GS Battery should be building awareness in this country and generating goodwill for their innovation and imagination. In fact, that was the purpose of the advertising seen here—showing the company’s management what an awareness campaign might look like and that its benefits would be worth the media investment.

Spec campaign

I created this spec print campaign working with The Partnership of Atlanta. The spec TV spot was created using footage pulled from YouTube.




GS Battery's AGM batteries are designed with ezra vibration resistance
GS Battery manufactures the batteries used to power the International Space Station
Premium AGM batteries deliver more cranking power, even in cold weather
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