This Infographic Video was designed and animated by Harry Hayes.I created this infographic video for the 25th anniversary of the Cumberland CID. It mixes 3-D graphic design with stock illustration combined with kinetic type animation.

Cumberland CID

The Cumberland CID, or Community Investment District, is a public-private coalition formed by commercial property owners. They voluntarily pay a few millage points of extra taxes each year to fund beautification projects, infrastructure improvements, streetscapes, walking trails and more, to help raise property values for everyone.

In its 25 year history, the Cumberland CID has invested over $100 million in the community, and through matching state and federal funds, has managed to leverage that investment into over half a billion dollars in improvements.

Infographic Video

The video was produced using a mixture of stock illustration, stock video and Photoshop design, and was animated in Adobe After Effects. Other materials produced for the event included a redesigned website and timeline brochure.

Thanks to The Partnership of Atlanta for the work, Jim Wise and Kenn Bivens for their design and development help, and especially to Cumberland CID Executive Director Malaika Rivers.



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