This YouTube Video for Intel was shot using Atlanta actors and crew.Produced for Liquid Agency in San Jose, CA, this YouTube video was created to introduce a new product line, Intel second generation core processors. The message it conveys is pretty simple—these new processors make computers run faster and stop crashing all the time.

Funny YouTube Video

I thought it might be funny to show a computer and computer user that share certain characteristics, kind of the way dogs sometime resemble their owners. But the real humor of this YouTube video comes from the performances—the actors (all local Atlanta character actors) did an amazing job on short notice. I encouraged improvisation during the shoot, and think the performances reflect that.

The project started out as a copywriting job, but later grew into a full-scale video production. It was shot here in Atlanta working through a local production company. For the locations, we used an office furniture showroom, so the various cubicles and conference rooms could be shot in one place—with existing furniture, no less.

Full-scale Video Production

The entire video was shot in a single day and edited in two. I was the writer, producer and director. Many thanks to Mark Simon at Fizz City Films for all the production company support, and to Tim Vece at Outback Editorial for the production help.



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