More and more businesses are discovering the power of internet video, and for good reason—it’s easy to implement and more cost effective than traditional advertising.

With internet video, brands can demonstrate product features and explain complex information. For example, this internet video for Cricket Wireless introduces their new customer loyalty program, Cricket Rewards.

This internet video incorporate existing Cricket Wireless artworkInternet Video for Cricket Rewards

This video was produced using existing character artwork and stock photography.

The result is an internet video that instantly ties into the Cricket Wireless brand look and feel, and presents their new loyalty program in a simple and memorable way.

Cricket Wireless has an entire YouTube Channel featuring their videos and TV commercials. With their “Something to Smile About” campaign, they’ve created an engaging world of animated characters that communicate consumer benefits while engaging viewers.

To help introduce Cricket Rewards, we were able to incorporate those same characters, combined with additional graphics and icons, to explain the benefits of the program.

Another example of the graphics in our Cricket Rewards internet videoInternet Video Storytelling

Using simple graphics and After Effects animation, we delivered an engaging internet video. It tells a compelling story for Cricket Rewards and provides plenty of product details in less than 90 seconds.

Many thanks to Cricket Rewards and SessionM for the project.


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