Mall advertising is much like any other consumer advertising—success depends on how well you position the product and differentiate it from its competition. For example, a mall might be positioned as an upscale shopping experience, an outlet center, a family destination, or a discount mecca. But whatever the positioning, it has to be based on reality. The truth almost always works best.

This shopping bag icon was used in Merle Hay Mall advertisingMall Advertising

Merle Hay Mall, for example, is located in Des Moines, Iowa. Originally an open-air shopping plaza built in 1959. it was enclosed and expanded in the early 70s to form the largest shopping mall in Iowa.

Skip ahead 30 years, and Merle Hay Mall is looking a bit dated. Newer and more upscale shopping choices have sprung up nearby. How can Merle Hay compete?

That’s where this mall advertising comes in. We positioned Merle Hay as the comfortable choice—the mall you’re used to. Not snooty. Not dressy. A fun place to hang out. The commercials were shot using local talent, in a single day.





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