One of the most important steps in promoting a new mobile app is to sell the benefits—show what the app does and explain how it’s different. What does it look like? How does it work?

One of the most effective ways to do that: Internet video.

ION-04Using video for Mobile App Marketing

Video is a powerful, visual medium, which makes it extremely effective at demonstrating mobile app functionality. The example seen here, a web video recently produced for Sionic Mobile, relies much more on visuals than on content or copy.

There’s no announcer. No sales pitch. Just a series of supers and visual examples of the app in use.

Using Green Screen to shoot Mobile Apps

To produce the video, we used a simple green screen setup—with an iPhone attached to a microphone stand, we were able to keep the phone motionless and in focus at all times.

ION-03Keying out the green background, we were able to place the phone in front of various backgrounds, including a nighttime scene of Atlanta’s Regal Hollywood 24 Theater, the tile counter of a local pie shop, and a fish-eye view of the Financial Center.

Each of these backgrounds was shot in HD video, including a time lapse shot of  Atlanta’s midtown buildings.

Even the neutral bokeh background was created from scratch, using a tripod-mounted slider and a string of Christmas lights.


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