When I was a kid, there were boxes in our basement filled with old photographs—pictures of  babies, long-lost relatives, parties, vacations, you name it. And my mom and dad were always adding to the pile, taking photos or home movies of my brother and me. Of course, the modern equivalent of that is the digital camera—now we have devices and computer files filled with old mexapixels.

Hitachi LifeStudio

Hitachi must have realized this was a universal problem, because they designed a new line of hard drives to solve it. Hitachi LifeStudio hard drives included software to help organize digital photo and video files.

LifeStudio09Working with Liquid Agency in San Jose, CA, I developed product launch materials for LifeStudio. The script and storyboard did a good job of telling the story and giving it an emotional benefit.

Product Launch Video

The “video wall” demonstrations were all created on my laptop, recording screen movies of real-time action. The last element created was the revolving product shot—we couldn’t shoot that scene until a prototype was ready.

Thanks to Liquid Agency for the project, and to Mark Simon and Tim Vece for the production help.


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