Free roaming was one of the many benefits touted in Powertel's retail advertising.Years ago when we were introducing Powertel PCS service, mobile phones were considered a luxury.

With an introductory rate of just  $20 a month, Powertel was significantly lower than their competition, leading us to position Powertel as a smart choice anyone could afford.

Retail Advertising

Humor was an important element to the campaign, but we made sure it was always tied to the selling message. We never did humor for humor’s sake, only when it accentuated a product benefit. Fortunately, Powertel had many benefits to talk about—low rates, no contracts, free roaming, anytime minutes, better call security, superior sound quality, digital messaging and more.

play    Here’s an example of retail radio—a spot called “Shrink Ray.”

Strong Sales Results

Powertel was one of the most effective campaigns I ever worked on, helping the company achieve 1800 percent growth in two years, even though they were outspent 5 to 1 by their competition. Powertel soon become a major regional brand, and is now part of T-Mobile.





Powertel is now part of T-Mobile
Powertel is now part of T-Mobile
Powertel is now part of T-Mobile
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