In my opinion, the best trade show videos are both visually interesting and informative. They communicate product benefits in a way that’s easy to follow and understand. Few trade show attendees are going to stand there watching a video from beginning to end.

That’s why, to introduce a new product from Georgia-Pacific, we designed a video that ran on an endless loop as part of the company’s trade show booth.

Creating an Effective Trade Show Video

The name of the new product: ToughRock® Fireguard 45™ Gypsum Board.

A fire-rated drywall product developed by Georgia-Pacific, it’s the only standard 1/2″ wallboard UL classified for 45-minute fire-rated wall assemblies.

Fireguard 45 wallboard offers commercial-grade fire protection for residential construction projects. Which means homebuilders can add extra fire protection to interior walls and hallways, and offer homeowners extra safety and peace of mind.

This video was created to introduce the new product at a building industry trade show. It begins with statistics about house fires in the U.S. and then presents the product benefits through simple vector graphics, logos and typography.

Animating Fire to Add Visual Interest

To create the fire animation, I began by drawing yellow, orange and red swirl shapes in photoshop and saving it as a still image. Then in After Effects, I applied an effect called Ripple Pulse. It’s basically a distortion effect. By changing the amplitude and center point of the distortion, I was able to make the still image bend and flicker. Adding a second layer of Ripple Pulse on top of the first made the motion appear more random.

I designed the video to work in a noisy trade show environment, running on an endless loop. There’s no voiceover. The typography tells the story without depending on sound. Of course, I still prefer watching it with the music.

The final trade show video was burned to a Blu-Ray disc, to maximize the playback quality of the graphics.


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