If you own a small business or are in business for yourself, there’s plenty of evidence that online video marketing should be a major focus of your advertising budget. Online video is growing in just about every sector of business—content marketing, sales enablement, corporate communications, product launches, sales training, and more.

Video Marketing is Growing

According to eMarketer, 93% of marketers used online video marketing in 2013, and one in four use video in their email campaigns. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re spending a lot of money. The majority of online videos are not “broadcast quality.” Instead, they’re low-cost videos focusing on specific product benefits or how-to topics.

Clothing retailer Zappos is a good example. Instead of repurposing content supplied by manufacturers, they create their own product videos (usually just a Zappos presenter talking on camera about the product). They post 60 to 80 of these videos each day—and increase online conversions by as much as 30%.

Videos for Any Budget

Of course, even low-budget videos can be informative and engaging. I created the example seen here in just a few hours using homemade graphics. I figured if online video works so well, why not do one for myself?



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