Typical title design for The Ernest Challenge web video series.A web video series posted on YouTube is a great way to engage existing customers and attract new ones. For example, “Will It Blend” is a web video series sponsored by Blendtec blenders. They’ve produced dozens of clips showing how the powerful blades on their blenders can mix, pulverize and puree just about anything—from iPhones to Justin Bieber CDs.

Branded Entertainment

Web series like “Will It Blend” make the product the hero. They entertain viewers and communicate a brand message at the same time. And while the audience may not be as big as network television, the level of engagement can be significantly greater.

That was the idea behind this web series for Ernest Packaging Solutions.

A Challenging Web Video Series

Ernest Packaging Solutions is a company that makes custom shipping containers for frozen, fragile and water-soluble shipments. I wrote an Ernest Packaging web series for Liquid Agency in San Jose, CA.

The basic idea was “The Ernest Challenge.” In each webisode, the CEO of Ernest was given some tongue-in-cheek packaging challenge to overcome. The results were pretty funny, and definitely communicated the benefits of Ernest Packaging Solutions.





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